The Myeni-O’Sullivan saga; new, gripping instalment

There are just two rational conclusions one can reach upon reading this latest salvo by justice crusader, Paul O’Sullivan. Either he is gilding the lily, or Shamila Batohi is almost terminally mired in a Zuptoid-influenced/hollowed out National Prosecutions Authority (NPA). The circumstantial evidence and wider context have me leaning heavily towards the latter. The brutal, cavalier manner in which O’Sullivan and his 2IC, Sarah-Jane Trent, were illegally treated by the captured state machinery – apparently on the orders of Her High-flying Former Supreme Majesty, Dudu Myeni – reveal a despotic police state. The only real question now – and one upon which Batohi and President Ramaphosa’s credibility depend – is why no action has been taken for five years. Perhaps the ruling party is deliberately undermining or refusing to bolster the NPA out of pure survival instinct and/or the NPA is so dysfunctional it cannot successfully prosecute. Either way, it’s deeply disconcerting… – Chris Bateman

By Paul O’Sullivan

Greetings Shamila,

I hope you are well and that 2022 will be a great year for you and our country.

Paul O'Sullivan
Paul O’Sullivan

You will have seen from the first part of the Zondo Commission Report, that he recommends criminal charges against Dudu Myeni. I just wanted to let you know that Forensics for Justice opened a very detailed case in January 2016, which was supplemented with further evidence in July 2016, under Kempton Park CAS 91/01/2016.

A redacted version of the docket can be found on our website:

As you will clearly see, the docket itself contains copious amounts of prima facie evidence of fraud and corruption. There has been nothing more than a half-hearted attempt by the state (DPCI and NPA) to do anything with the docket and five-and-a-half years later, she is still roaming around free.

We handed all our files, including a copy of our docket, to OUTA who took her on with a civil case and had her declared delinquent. In March 2016, I wrote to the Chief of Police and accused the police of having become ‘captured’ by criminals and that people such as Dudu Myeni and Lucky Montana were being allowed to get away with fraud and corruption.

Two weeks later I was dragged off a plane to London and detained and tortured for several days. Late on day two of my incarceration, unlawfully appointed corrupt head of DPCI for Gauteng, Prince Mokotedi, poked me in the chest, while he had me up against a wall, with my hands tightly cuffed behind my back and said, “You don’t know how badly you’ve upset Dudu Myeni.”

In July 2016, I supplemented my SAA docket at Kempton Park with a further detailed sworn statement and further prima facie evidence. Two weeks later, I was charged with a whole raft of fake charges by Tori Pretorius’ sidekick Jabulani Mlotshwa, who at the time was masquerading as an advocate and had been unlawfully appointed deputy director by his cousin.

On 4 December 2017, we opened a further criminal docket against Dudu Myeni, this time adding Jacob Zuma and her unlawfully appointed Mr Fixit, Nick Linnell, to the docket, for their conduct in capturing Eskom. Once again, the docket contained prima facie evidence.

In late 2018, the Zondo Commission started work. You were appointed in early 2019, and I gradually made you aware of the historical crimes committed against myself and my staff.

Only in 2020 and 2021, did the Zondo Commission unpack exactly the same things we filed criminal complaints about five and three years before, in respect of SAA, and six years earlier in respect of PRASA. Our PRASA docket was used as the main tool in the Zondo Commission, and witnesses I tracked down and obtained sworn statements form were brought to testify there, five years after I had taken their original statements, while the DPCI and NPA have completely ignored the docket. You can see a redacted and shortened version of the docket here:

As a very substantial taxpayer, I am left wondering what went wrong with the criminal justice system, that despite dockets having been lodged more than five years ago, nothing has been done and the criminals still roam the streets and the billions they stole are being dissipated.

In fact, in respect of most of the dockets lodged on the Forensics for Justice website, nothing has been done, other than to repeatedly and unlawfully file fake criminal charges against myself and my staff in an attempt to silence us.

Finally, in May 2017, two deputy directors of prosecution recommended serious criminal charges on dockets opened by myself and Sarah-Jane Trent. That was nearly five years ago. Notwithstanding the recommendations of the two deputy directors, no steps have been taken to bring the dirty cops to justice. I understand that George Baloyi personally intervened and tipped off the cops in question and the docket has been hidden away somewhere. Apparently, Shaun Abrahams had it in his office. The same Shaun Abrahams that has been immune to scrutiny by everyone expect Forensics for Justice. I have been considering my next steps and have concluded that we should have a meeting, together with my legal team, so that I can get some assurances justice will finally be served, and these criminal cops and prosecutors will be brought to book. I just want to make sure that, even if there is still to be a further delay, some of the millions I have spent on our charity will finally yield results, especially the cases against those who launched the vicious attacks against us.

The reckless speed at which both myself and Sarah-Jane Trent were viciously attacked by dirty cops and prosecutors (prosecutors who are still on your payroll), while the real criminals went unchecked leaves me feeling that the system has completely failed us. Please let me have your considered response as soon as possible.

Best wishes,

Paul O’Sullivan CFE

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